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Strategy. Planning. Execution.
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Hearst Media Services - Michigan is your full service Media Partner.  Leverage our team for everything from Strategy Development to implementation of specific marketing tactics. Whatever you need, we are here and fully capable of delivering results for you.  

The Hearst Corporation, an $11 Billion Diversified Media Organization, affords us the ability to provide services and solutions to you, that are typically only available to organizations making significant investments in marketing technologies.  No need to buy technology, we already made that investment, now you get to leverage it.

Leverage our team, technology, solutions, and strategic capabilities for all your media needs.

On top of the world class service and capabilities, our pricing for services rendered is extremely aggressive as compared to our local and national competitors.

Partnerships in strategy and marketing solutions is what we are looking for.  We do not  want to be just another vendor.  We want to take the level of service to a whole new level.

Free Marketing Analysis

Marketing Solutions

Strategy Development
Marketing Strategy Development is key to success prior to deploying specific tactics. We will work with you to help identify a strategy that puts your organization on the path you want.
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Marketing Plans
A Marketing Plan is as important as a clear strategy. Identifying a plan that matches your industry and puts the right tactics in place at the right time is everything.
Custom Campaigns
Custom campaigns  are all we provide for our clients.  There is no cookie-cutter, pre-packaged solution that is going to work for everyone out there. 
Results & Data
Results and Data: All media companies can provide you with data, our goal is to provide you with actionable data, something that you can use to make decisions, and solutions that deliver results.
Display Advertising  is all about getting your message in front of the right people regardless of the media they are consuming or how they are consuming it.  Digital, Print, Broadcast..Whatever it takes is what we provide.
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Its not enough to just have a website.  It takes so much more to have a successful online/digital presence.  Our capabilities reach across all major digital channels bringing you a complete online presence.
97% of Internet users use internet search engines to find information on products/services that they are looking for.  We need to make sure you show up as a solution to their problem.  We do that very well.

World Class Custom Marketing Solutions

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Perform an internet search on pretty much any search engine for digital marketing services and you will find there are literally thousands of companies out there offering a piece of the overall picture or their version of the entire marketing process.  Add in freelance folks and that number jumps up to the over 100,000 mark.  
With all of those choices, how is someone to choose the right partners?  How do you manage the overall effort?  
The honest answer is, it is going to be very difficult and time consuming.  It can be done, but our approach is to have you focus on what you do best and we will handle the marketing side of the business for you.

Working with Hearst Media Services - Michigan lets you have access to world class services, solutions, and years of experience in keeping with with the overall advances in marketing and media.
Our job is to get attention, drive traffic, get conversions, and ultimately grow your organization.  That is what we're going to do for you.  Our process allows us to learn about your business, learn about your industry, and then develop a strategy and plan that will help move you forward.
Whether you are a small business, non-profit, or a large global organization, we have the resources and capabilities to serve you.

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